Riduanul Mustafa

Assistant Professor in Economics


Riduanul Mustafa teaches economics with a successful working history at university-level teaching. His research interest is the development of economic theories, financial inclusion, and econometrics. He has published several research articles in the prominent journals, including Journal of Economic Studies and Actual Problem in Economics. His papers are frequently cited and for this, he is now working along with other researchers at home and abroad in various labs. He completed his MSS in Economics from the University of Chittagong and, at present, pursuing his MPhil research from the same university. Mr. Mustafa is also a reviewer of various prominent journals. He is a social person and involves in various social activities apart from teaching. Mr. Mustafa is also working at various students forum as an adviser.

Curriculum Vitae

Field of Work

Econometric Analysis

Econometric analysis helps social science researchers to investigate a research question with greater precision.

Bibliometric Analysis

Bibliometric analysis is the modern approach of systematic literature review


Working as reviewer at "International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Research"(ISSN:2456-7760) and "Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development" (ISSN 1308-7800)



University of Chittagong
B.S.S (Hons.) in Economics

University of Chittagong
M.S.S in Economics

University of Chittagong
MPhil (Fellow)


Work Experience

Lecturer - BAIUST August 2016- August 2018

Lecturer under the department of business administration

Assistant Professor August 2018- Present

Assistant professor under the department of business administration

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