Skill Development Program


In this digital era, the career path is becoming more dynamic than the conventional ones. Students requires proper guidelines and inspiration to choose the right way of building successful career. Conforming to this, the Skill Development Program Committee of Department of Business Administration (DBA) had arranged a professional interactive session virtually on 28th January 2021 as a part of the Skill Development Program for the BBA, outgoing batch. The distinguished keynote speaker of the session was Mr. Amir Daud, Chief Operating Officer, Bengal Plastics limited, Bengal Group. The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Shariful Islam, Assistant Professor, DBA has presided and moderated the session in collaboration with active participation of other members of the team. In the session, Mr. Amid Daud shared that due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is a huge shift in job market and lots of new opportunities are also being created. He also added that acquisition of right set of skills is very important to survive in this competitive job market. In the Q& A session, students spontaneously placed their questions and Mr. Amir Daud enlightened them with his thoughtful answers and explanations. The Head of the Department, Dr. Fatema Johara, Associate Professor, DBA along with other respected faculty members were also present in the session. The Head of the Department, Dr. Fatema Johara expressed her gratitude towards the guest. The Chairman of the Skill Development Program, Mr. Shariful Islam thanked the honorable guest and the committee members with concluding remarks.


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